KORE Wellness Kettlebell Training: The Beauty of it All

Core Circuit (1 Kettlebell)

Today you will be doing 4 rounds of:
Turkish Get-ups (TGUs)
Gladiator Presses
Russian Sit-ups
Toes to Ceiling

• Beginners: Do 1 TGU – 3 Gladiator Presses – 5 Russian Sit-ups – 7 Toes to Ceiling.
• Intermediates: Do 2 TGU – 4 Gladiator Presses – 6 Russian Sit-ups – 8 Toes to Ceiling.
• Advanced: Do 3 TGU – 6 Gladiator Presses – 9 Russian Sit-ups – 12 Toes to Ceiling.
** Option – Run / Jog / Speed Walk ¼ mile between sets.

KORE Wellness Kettlebell Training Routines are to be followed only by those who have good knowledge of how to use a kettlebell.  If you have not had your technique checked out by a certified RKC or Strong First instructor, there is a strong likelihood that you are not using proper kettle bell technique.


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November 15, 2016 · 3:59 am

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