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10 Minute Morning Recharge

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Whether you’re stiff from traveling, want to do a quick something before the day starts, or it’s just a Thursday… this is a great primal movement series that will lubricate your joints and loosen your muscles.  

Don’t rush through the exercises, take your time with each and really try to feel your body move through the stiff areas or focus on keeping good form. Take notice also, how your body feels from the first set to the fifth set as you go through this short 10 minute series.  

10 Minute Primal Move Recharge

Do each exercise slowly and under control 3 times before moving on to the next exercise.  Rest 30 seconds between sets and complete a total of 5 sets.

  • Plank knee to elbow
  • Push-up
  • Pump Stretch
  • Alternating Calf Stretch
  • Walk back to squat
  • Sumo Squat to Stand

Check out the video!

KORE Wellness is the leading functional training company for busy professionals who want to easily perform the activities of daily life  without injuries. Our functional training program includes individual assessment, movement re-education and supportive wellness coaching every step of the way.

Unlike traditional personal training and bootcamp classes that offer one-size fits all programming with  little to no correction,KORE Wellness offers an intelligent solution that addresses individual limitations and pain first, then builds on a solid foundation of good movement to deliver long term results. We support our clients with level appropriate exercises and personal attention to regain the energy and confidence to attack life’s daily obstacles.

Founded in 2009 by a former collegiate athlete who wants to provide a better solution to chronic pain than knife, pills, or injections, we’ve been featured on ETV and endorsed by local medical experts for our safe and effective approach to training. With a dedicated coaching team and a decade of experience, we’ve helped over 1,000 Columbia residents finally beat their chronic pain and go on to live the life they thought existed only in their dreams.



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July 16, 2018 · 9:59 am

Travel Well – Strategies for Managing Stress

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Written by Kristen Simon

Ah, vacation. It seemed so blissful as a child – all the planning, budgeting, arranging, coordinating, traveling, and other work hidden behind the curtain, left to those sitting in the front seats AKA my parents. Flash-forward twenty years, to a family vacation as an adult, and I’m struck with the sudden realization: Vacation is stressful.

Coordinating meals, arranging travel, ensuring joy for all…we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to deliver perfect vacations. Travel alone can be stressful – whether it’s a car ride or a flight, there’s always a hitch in the plans. Managing the separate dietary tastes of a family (especially if you’re trying to eat healthy on top of that) is downright overwhelming. Kids want to swim, adults want to lounge, and grandpa wants to go for a walk; there’s no way to get everyone on the same page, and it’s overwhelming trying to make sure everyone’s having fun. Raise your hand if you’re with me.

This week we’re talking solutions to travel stress, and ensuring that you come home from your intentionally restful week feeling….actually rested. And today we’re starting with some tips for things to do before you even leave to make sure everything goes smoothly!

The overarching idea is to plan ahead.

  • Lists are your friend – consider making a list of all of the things you need to do before you leave.
    • arranging for child or pet sitters
    • have your mail held
    • pack
    • things you need to finish at work
    • anything else that’s worrying you.

Writing down your to-dos (or putting them into a helpful to-do list app on your phone) helps you re-establish control over the situation by organizing your thoughts. Once you’ve got it all written out, there’s no need to worry about forgetting something.

  • Planning is helpful as well.
    • Researching restaurants, accomodations, activities, and more ahead of time can help you avoid minor stresses while on your trip. Everything doesn’t need to be planned down to the minute, but sketching out a rough outline certainly helps.
    • This goes for travel as well –
    • Driving? Plan your route, and take into consideration traffic and time of
    • Flying? Think about what you want the airport experience to be like, and create that. Arrive early if you want time to settle in at the gate. If you hate waiting, familiarize yourself with TSA wait times to ensure you’re arriving in time – but not too early. If you have enough time before your next vacation, consider getting TSA Precheck approved to skip out on the horrendous security lines

To simplify- think about the aspects of the trip that might be stressing you out, and instead of worrying, spend your energy planning.

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July 2, 2018 · 9:19 am

Travel well – 3 Strategies to consider about exercising on vacation

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Travel well – 3 Strategies to consider about exercising on vacation

Written by Kristen Simon

Exercise is at the heart of what we do at KORE. While it’s totally fine to take a break from working out – recovery is a part of a healthy life – maybe you want to stick to your exercise routine while on vacation.

Now, sure, it’s easy enough to google travel workouts, or for us to provide you with some (we already have some on the YouTube page!), but actually making those workouts happen…that’s another story. We want to get at the heart of what makes exercising while traveling so difficult for some folks, and what we can do to change that.

So take a minute and reflect on your last vacation (or business trip, or weekend).

  • How did you spend your time?
  • What did you do during the day?
  • Were you active?
  • How’d you feel when you came home?
  • Did you feel like you’d taken a step back in your training? More importantly, did you feel guilty about missing workouts?

I’m willing to bet that for most of us, the answer is yes – and there is an associated feeling of guilt, like you took a step back, wish you had moved more, and possibly frustrated with going through this cycle every time you travel! Here are the two biggest culprits of why most of us struggle with maintaining some form of exercise or workout homeostasis when we travel:

  1. When you’re traveling, or even on the weekend, you’re off your normal schedule, your normal routine. We’re creatures of habit: generally we wake up, eat, work, exercise, and sleep at the same times, every day (every weekday at least). That’s what throws us off on vacation: we’re up later, so we sleep in later. Meals are served to us, or enjoyed with others, so we eat at a different time. And our days revolve around planned activities and outings, so it’s easy to feel like we don’t have time to fit in a workout.
  2. There’s another reason you may skip your workout on vacation: you think of vacation as a break from everything. From work, from your day-to-day life, from responsibilities, and from doing the things you normally do at home. Now, there’s some value to be had in taking a break, absolutely. But spend some time reflecting on why exercise is a part of your life to begin with.

So how do you break the cycle????

  1. Make sure that you research what you’ll have access to before you go. If you’re staying in a hotel, will it have a gym? What kind of equipment is there? If you’re not staying at a gym, what are your options? Are there any parks or other free open spaces you could use? Or are you limited to what’s in your hotel room?
  2. Take a minute to ask yourself: What is my minimum? We talked about this with diet, but it’s applicable to exercise as well. Maybe your minimum is to get at least 7,000 steps every day. Maybe it’s to stretch for 10 minutes every morning. Maybe your minimum is three workouts during your week-long trip. Whatever your minimum is, be realistic with yourself, and set that goal ahead of time. That way, while you’re on your trip, you can feel confident in knowing that you’ve accomplished what you set out to do, instead of feeling guilty about not working out ‘enough.’
  3. Figure out what kind of workouts you want to do. Maybe you’re visiting a city that’s known for great hiking. Or, maybe you’re near the water and want to give kayaking or paddle-boarding a try. Remember that a workout doesn’t have to happen in a gym, and it doesn’t have to look a certain way! Get moving, and have fun doing it!

If you’re looking for something in line with what you’ve been doing at KORE, head to our

YouTube page for some travel workout ideas.

Staying a hotel with no equipment? Head to the stairwell!

  • Run up one flight of stairs + 5 Squats + :15 Plank in push-up position + 5 Push-ups + Walk down the stairs.
  • Two flights + 10 Squats + 2x:15 Plank in push-up position + 10 Push-ups + Walk back
  • Three flights + 15 Squats + 3x:15 Plank in push-up position + 15 Push-ups + Walk back. Ladder up as high as you want!

Need a modification? Walk instead of run, do a :30 wall sit instead of squat, and do the plank and push-ups on the wall instead of on the ground.

Want a rest and recovery week? Recovery is a crucial part of the process, and taking a week off can be incredibly beneficial. If that’s the route you choose to take, good for you! I’d encourage you to include some morning or evening stretches, to really get the most out of your recovery week. Not sure what stretches to do? We’ve shared our ‘Joint Mobility Warm-up’ video on YouTube – check it out!

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June 25, 2018 · 8:49 am

Overcoming cancer and self-limiting beliefs to show us the true meaning of indomitable spirit, this is Vickie Moon’s inspirational journey.

Member of the Month: Vicky Moon


Overcoming cancer and self-limiting beliefs to show us the true meaning of indomitable spirit, this is Vickie Moon’s inspirational journey.

Indomitable –noun

a spirit that cannot be subdued or overcome, as persons, will, or courage; unconquerable: an indomitable warrior.

Showing Indomitable spirit is one of our defining qualities of our KORE value, embrace grit. Something indomitable can’t be beat. People described as having indomitable spirits don’t spend time playing the victim because they are too busy showing us how to scale the biggest obstacles with a “can-do attitude” and permating strength that comes from within.



What the staff at KORE has to say about Vicky:

Why do you think Vicky earned K.O.R.E. MOM?

Vicky Moon earned member of the month because not only has she been killing her workouts but she’s also managed to rise above. I know Vicky is a private person but this in my opinion is too amazing not to share. When I first started working with Vicky she was nervous and filled with uncertainty, some of the things in her workout she would give me this insane look like “there’s no way” I can do that. Now she’s doing things she never thought was even possible. Vicky has made such huge improvements since starting at KORE Wellness in October! In the last year she has kicked cancers butt and now she’s kicking her workouts as well. I am so glad to experience this life change first hand! Keep of the great work Vicky!

What did she excel at over the past few months here at K.O.R.E.?

Over the past few months she has managed to lose 32 pounds, move around in the yard much easier, she walked a 5K, she’s even running now on her own. And of course my favorite she is now able to wear jeans, and she has done that in years!

What is one of your favorite accomplishments/goals you have seen her complete? How did this make you feel as his trainer?

As trainer when a client meets any of their goals it always makes me feel great, let’s me know that as a trainer i am doing my best work to get them where they need to be. So my favorite isn’t necessarily an accomplishment it is her reactions when she comes to the gym. For example, at 6am every Tuesday and Thursday Vicky has the biggest smile on her face that wasn’t there in the beginning. The stories that she tells me that happens outside of the gym is what makes what I do simply amazing. Since being at KORE Vicky is in a much better place and is happy and for that I am so proud of her, and so excited to see what other goals she’s going to crush in the future!

What Vicky has to stay about her journey:

How did you hear about us?

– From a friend at work, Sandy Smith.

What prompted you to seek us out once hearing about us?

– I wanted to work on getting healthy, lose some weight and get stronger. I also went through breast cancer last year and wanted to build back up my health.

What was your initial goal when you signed up with us?

– lose weight and wear jeans J gain strength

What was holding you back from achieving this goal?

– my commitment wasn’t there, I was not confident I could succeed, and I was afraid of failing again. My weight has gone up and down through the years. No new story here…

Has this goal changed since you joined KORE Wellness?

– Absolutely. I am down 32 pounds, I feel good and I am much stronger than when started. I want to do a pull up, and I want to lose more weight.

How do you feel about your future health?

– I am optimistic – I want to keep learning and growing and strengthening.

What do you like best about working with KORE?

– It has been fun, I started out slowly and grew from there, my trainer has been terrific to work with – she is honest and pushes and talks to me about continuing to challenge myself. She has the right view toward her job and I love working with her.

What would you say to someone who is struggling with the same goal?

– I am almost 60 years old – If I can do it, you can do it – It is truly a mental win when you gain the courage to try to change.

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June 18, 2018 · 9:34 am

Travel Well – 3 Strategies to consider when eating on vacation

When trave

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ling or on vacation, most people struggle with sticking with choices that will help keep them on track towards their overall goals in the face of so many options that are quite the opposite. The cards are very much stacked in favor of what we call Red light foods, the foods that you love, don’t lead you toward your goals, and know you will eat way too much of! I can distinctly remember my frustration being in the Caribbean on vacation and struggling to find a vegetable to eat instead of what seemed to be an endless supply of french fries. In the majority of destinations, the resorts and restaurants know very well that the trend on vacation is to abandon all self-discipline and restraint and eat in the same fashion because after all, you’re on vacation! Correspondingly, you’ll find that the majority of beach bars, resort restaurants, and airport kiosks cater to that exact thought process. It’s the most simple form of demand and supply.

For a travel well challenge, we went into a lot more detail but we wanted to share our top three things to consider to keep you on track to achieving your goals while travelling.

These are the conversations you need to have with yourself BEFORE you start your vacation or trip.

  1. Decide whether you will stick to your healthy habits or take a temporary break. Either decision is fine, as long as you have made a conscious choice. Our objective is not to make you feel guilty for enjoying that local donut shop reviewed on Diners, drive-ins, and dives! We want you to make conscious decisions about what your plan of action will be then hold yourself accountable to those decisions.
  2. Start to think about your food decisions along a spectrum – How you can aim for “better” choices instead of “perfect” choices? Thinking this way helps you avoid the “I’ve already cheated on my diet so I might as well just blow the whole thing” mentality. There are always levels of choices to make that fall onto a spectrum of health. There are always choices that make your decisions of what to eat healthier, it’s up to you to consider what they could be and make a decision based on what will help keep you on track towards your goals, not the “perfect decision.
  1. Start to think about your minimums – For example, once you look over your travel itinerary, maybe your minimum since you’re staying in an AirBnB and can cook is that you commit to having a healthy breakfast every morning. Maybe your minimum is that you eat a vegetable at 2 out of 3 meals each day. Maybe your minimum is that you have 2 meals consisting of only protein, fat, and vegetables everyday. It’s up to you, but it’s an important thing to consider and make sure that it’s realistic! If you realize while traveling that you set your minimums too high, just adjust to a more realistic expectation and go from there instead of abandoning minimums altogether.

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June 15, 2018 · 9:34 am

Travel well: relax and revjuvenate with a plan.

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Written by Kristen Simon.

If you’re anything like me, routine is a key to your success when it comes to exercise, diet, and managing stress.

Vacations, work travel, and even weekends can take us out of our routine, and shake things up with our wellness. Sometimes it’s for the better, but often we end up skipping workouts, eating poorly, and come home feeling like we need a ‘mental vacation’ from the stress of our vacation.

It’s tough – we want to enjoy our vacation, but there needs to be a balance between our indulgences and healthy choices.

That’s why this month we’re focusing on travel wellness. All month, we’ll be giving you tips and advice for how to stay on track, even when you’re out of town. We’ll also be helping you come up with a plan of attack for your next trip so that you can feel confident about coming home

Our focus will be on exercise (workout ideas and tips for getting more activity into your day), diet (strategies for striking that balance and making sure that you’re nourishing your body), and stress (brainstorming on ways to take a time out from family stress and make travel a little less overwhelming).

It’s important to us at KORE (and we hope it’s important to you too) that the habits you’re building stick with you – even when you’re traveling, even over the holidays, even on weekends!

Sound like something you’re interested in? Sign up here to receive the rest of the emails in our travel series.


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June 4, 2018 · 10:37 am

How do I modify when I can’t do an exercise properly?

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Written by Elise Matthews

While exercises in the functional strength test are designed to test your strength in every plane of movement and every muscle group. The exercises will reveal areas that need improvement but what do you do when you cannot do an exercise at all? At the start of my training career I struggled a lot with figuring out how to make exercises EASIER, not harder. Over the last 12 years however, I have found that it is much more common to need an easier version than a more difficult version of a particular exercise. Fundamentally, if you are struggling to keep good form while doing an exercise, it won’t be the most beneficial exercise for you do to. We talk often with our clients about taking a step back to take multiple steps forward in the future. While that can seem like a hard pill to swallow initially, the long term benefits of taking a step back FAR outweigh any short term knocks to your pride to continue to try to struggle with the exercise that is a bit outside your current ability.

So what are the strategies for modifying an exercise?

Keeping with the functional strength test, I’ll use the Squat, Push up, Hanging Knee Raise, and Pull up as examples.

Option 1 – Reduce the load

For exercises like push up and pull up, even the squat, using a band to reduce the amount of body weight you have to move is the simplest solution. Assistance allows you to be able to do the exercise in true form and full range of motion but with a weight that you can handle. Bands are a great example of a tool that can help reduce the load. The goal is to find the resistance that allows you to do ALL of your reps with GOOD form having your last couple of reps be doable but challenging. As you master form and get stronger with that level of assistance the next step is to slowly reduce the amount of help provided with the bands by either moving the band or changing to a lighter band. Don’t have a band? You can use a partner who can help give you assistance or choose one of the options below.

Option 2 – Reduce the range of motion.

This is a great option for those who don’t have bands or a great way to attach bands to their equipment. Often times, if the full range of motion isn’t in your wheelhouse yet, you can find a piece of the motion that you can do and build up from there. By reducing the range of motion, you can master one part of the movement then slowly increase the range of motion as you gain strength. For example, a squat could be done to a higher depth for example, instead of squatting to a ball, squat to a bench. Once you can achieve the desired reps at that elevation, then find a slightly lower depth and start training at that level. Pull ups and push ups can be done in a shorter range of motion as well, starting at the top position and lowering down until your elbows are 90 degrees before pulling back up.

Option 3 – Change the angle.

If the prescribed position is too difficult, you can modify the angle of the position to make the exercise easier. Inverted rows are made easier by bending your knees and / or walking your feet back. Push ups are made easier by elevating your hands or dropping to your knees. Knee raises are much easier when done on your back or an angled platform. Play around with the angle at which you are doing your exercise and find the angle that makes it easy enough to do the desired reps then work back slowly to the harder angle. Another option is to do as many reps as you can at the prescribed position then modify the angle as the exercise gets to hard or your technique starts to falter.

As always, we’re happy to help you with the best options for modifying exercises!

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May 28, 2018 · 7:25 am